Tuesday, January 22, 2008

help....I need an intervention.

at my job i can purchase toiletry items for wholesale price...(wholesale price?...well, for example: box of magnums =$0.63) ...all i have to do is punch out an order and the warehouse workers stock it and bring it to me. it gets taken outta my check in $20 installments. because of this i have becomeone of those people that have way too many bath products in their shower...this is what is in my shower right now (no lies):

1. burt's bees, citrus and ginger root body wash
2. caress, evening silk, jasmine body wash
3. suave lime verbena body wash
4. J&J- cubcumber melon baby wash
5. caress, tahitian renewal body wash
6. essence of beauty, blue ocean shower gel
7. vaseline, botanical garden foaming creme bath
8. J&J- melt away stress 24 hour mosturizing wash
9. (2 bottles) Dove, cool moisture body wash
10. freemans, apple hot sugar body scrub (it warms up when you put it on your skin)
11. trader joe's tangerine sugar scrub
12. hugo, mango & guava effervescent bath salts

didn't get these from work but they add to the fact that i need help:
13. B&B works, fresh water cucmber
14. B&B works, sweet pea shower gel (it's really MY's)
15.Victoria secret's, appletini body glimmer wash

sigh....step one: admit that there is a problem. Done.

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Monie said...

Um...so if I wanted to purchase some products??? LOL