Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life is not fair.

last night fls spent the nite. he came by around 930. MY was sleep already. we chit chatted about life. his outlook fasinates me. god how i love that man.

eventually i could see in his face he needed to rest. well i could see that when he walked in but he began to look exhausted. so i let him lay down. we lay in my bed, fingers interlocked, snoring the walls down. how romantic.

this morning i took MY to school, who by the way, if she asks me one more time is she 5 yet im going to have an anurysm., on my way home i stopped at the gas station, as i do every morning, and purchased two coffees instead of one. the clerk smiled. she knew.

once i arrived home fls was standing in my bedroom looking at himself in my full length mirror with a black suit on, some DG shades straighting out his tie. my knees grew weak. wow. a man in a suit, that early in the morning was too much for me. the smile on my face was making my cheeks hurt. he kissed me on my nose. like always, like he didn't have on this damn suit, like he was just in his sweats and tims or some shit. he grabbed his keys off the dresser like nothing. like he wasn't looking all got damn ebony magazine on me. i handed him the coffee and he kissed me again.

'you must love me. jdot' he says. don't ask where the name comes from..some shit he calls me. it made me weaker to see him still be street in a suit. 'of course i do' i say. 'you betta.' he says. "life is so unfair" he continues. i say "why?" he says " you already know." i knew. i wanted him to say it though. ' things should be different." i said "you're right they should." silence. he looked at me looking at him. he smiled and kissed my nose again. silence.

we sat and watched the news until 9. he had to go. i had to go. we kissed. he walked me to my car.

about an hour later he text me: "i love you."


Monie said...

Gahhh, wtf?! Why ain't yall murried???? Did I already say I like this guy?


hmmm this is very barbara must rent The Way We Were or Funny Girl. Seriously, get to the movie store and watch it!