Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm back Bytch!

Today I got a little bit of my steam back. When I got to work Mr. Wonderful had written me an email stating that he wanted to continue being my friend. I wrote him an email detailing how selfish that is. How dare he expect me to be able to do that? He couldn't do that for me, so why should I be forced to do that for him.

That made me feel better being able to say what the hell I wanted to say...ya dig?

I feel like a kid in a candy store playing on the internet now!!! I can do it all right here at the hizzy!

Ambo and I went out on Saturday...to this bar in downtown LA (the new hot spot...for all the cool people). We had soooooo much fun. I gotta learn to play pool better than I did on Saturday! Ambo ended up trading info with this fine ass WhiteBoy (the bartender) at the bar. He's really sweet... I'm not ususally in favor of the co-mingling... but I give her a pass since she's so lite skin... Just kidding. Here we are looking super fine Valentine....Pretty girls Rock!

Saturday Night Early Morning Sunday CrazyC invited me and Ambo to go to this reggae after hours club on the eastside...We were weary about it but we went anyway. It was hella gansta. Motorcycles out side and shit... So we skipped the club came back to my house she passed out on the couch and I fell out in my bed...It was 4am anyway

Big sis came over and kicked on Sunday after she got out of school. That's the first time she and I have hung out since she discovered this new boyfriend. That I love for her.

Sony studios came by and did my hair. (She's Ambo's twin so look up one more time if you want to see what she looks like!). That heffa got my hair so straight I'm looking like I might have a 16th of Asian....damn! LOL!
Well, CrazyC was supposed to make us brownies but he weenied out.
I talked to him today... that made my day better too.
Well let me go visit a few pages of a few friends!

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Monie said...

JENNY!!!! So glad you're back blogging!!!!! I had to catch up...I see in those few little days I missed a couple posts. Thanks for checking me out. I hope you continue to do so. Later!

BTW, cute pic!