Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I’m leaving my job! I’m going to work for a drug distributor. My last day is tomorrow. I fear that I am not going to post very often because I’m going to be working. Booo work!

I still keep putting off buying a home computer. I need one, bad.

5 Great things about my new job:
1. The hours are perfect, 9-6.
2. Everyone there has been there for 20 years or more (low turnover rate).
3. In December 2007 I will be in charge of my own division.
4. It’s near my daughter’s school.
5. It’s near my new apartment.

Oh yeah, I got a new apartment!!!! The rents more (almost double) but it’s a two bedroom, I have my own garage, washer and dryer hook up, dishwasher, and it’s in a much safer neighborhood. It’s not in the BEST neighborhood, but its better.

Mr. Wonderful and I are still together. He is so great. We’re still going so slow we’re almost in reverse but it’s good for me. I’m used to hyper speed relationships. I think we counter each other out.

Sonystudios is getting hitched! Yep hitched! Prolly by the end of the summer isn’t crazy? I guess not. LoveisLove.



i c things are geting better!! BIg ups on that. I hope to post a similar post soon hahaha

Juicy said...

Hey..where have you been? I don't appreciate the sporadic posts..(haha on the not appreciating thing)...just curious as to what's going on in your life.