Friday, May 18, 2007

one day later....

one day later and i may have to take back my head over heels post. .
Wednesday, I was supposed to go eat with mr. wonderful but he decided to "go running" after work and got home later than anticipated. I did too but, it was still only like 9 but suddenly he was ohsotired and didn't want to do anything anymore.
yesterday, mr.wonderful and i emailed back and forth at work as usual. than yesternight (i just made that up) i tutored bigsis and her friend in math so that they can pass thier nursing exam and wont become nursing school dropouts. once that was done i called him and he didn't answer and didn't call me back. today i emailed him and he didn't write back. what's up?
i thinkit's maybe he doesn't really like me. maybe i've created this fantasy relationship with someone that really isn't interested.
see what i mean. he's great and yet not so great. that's my life. thats where the title of the blog truely derived from.



Man, i dont understand mr wonderful. Is he in "it" or not. Is it a bf gf thing or not.. Whats his deal?

Jenny said...

that's the whole issue! I have no idea! He tries to act like it but he still refers to me as his "friend". and if that's not bad just wait until I finish this post about our "weekend".

Clara said...

I think men give mixed signals that drive us to crazy.