Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Mr. Wonderful called me early in the AM to remind me that we were going to dinner that evening. He told me to pack a bag. I ended up being able to get off early Friday so I took MY to her favorite place. I rushed home and hopped in the shower, out on my clothes and let Mr. Wonderful know that I was ready.

Once he picked me up we went to eat. Then we walked around a little bit. We ran into his cousin, which he told me that his cousin might be coming up to where we were anyway. I felt really uncomfortable because his cousin introduced us to the girl he was with, but Mr Wonderful didn't really introduce me to them. As a matter of fact, the three of them went on having a conversation as if I wasn't even there. I got a little bit of an attitude. (I had been drinking too.)

After the conversation with them we went into this fudge place and he brought me a little block of mint fudge. We left the chocolate place and I'm still sorta of running the whole "meeting" his cousin thing through my mind, getting a bit more of an attitude. We stopped so that he could get gas and in my clouded haze of drunkness I thought 'who did he get stuck with in Vegas, then?" (This is from something Mr. Wonderful told me that happened a month ago). So by the time he got back in the car I was livid. I didn't show it, but I was. We're driving like we're about to go home (back to LA) when, we turn in to this Hotel and I think in my head "ok, so we're going to get a room?" But when we parked, he didn't go get a key. He already has the room key...

We get our bags and go in (I'm still a little pissed) , once inside the room there's candies all over the bed (he and i were talking about how much I wanted chocolates the other day) and a jucczzi and liquor in the fridge and I forgot about the whole cousin thing. It was really sweet. So sweet. Then he took out the little piece of fudge and put one pink candle in it and sang happy birthday! Love. sigh

Saturday-We woke up and had breakfast, did a little shopping and went back home.

Saturday night- I went to Wokcano with the girls afterwards we went to the club. Some hefty girls were hating on my flyness... just cause I'm hot. Since it was my birthday the old BVC crew was giving me shots out on the mic and the hefty girls were just jealous. Doing the regular: starring, trying to create a hostile environment. When Kinko's asked her was there a problem, her thick ass homeboy got all in Kinko's face. It was a bit much. I still had fun, even with the haters watching.

On my way home cracychris was just blowing my phone up. I had to put my phone in the drawer so that I didnt' have hear that mess. He was talking about letting him come over and what not...just the same bullshit as always. I fell asleep half on the bed half off.

Sunday- I just hung out. Sunday was my official B-day, so I just chilled. Plus I had a hell of a hangover. So I had to chill.

Sunday night- Flores invited me to his house, on some professional type stuff. Nothing romantic. He wrote a song about me that he's planning on including in his album (he's a rapper) so he wanted me to hear it first. Mr. Wonderful was off doing...whatever... so I took Flores up on his offer. It was cool. The song was nice... He performed a little karokee for me...it was cool. It made me sort of think why couldn't we make it work some months ago? I left before I got too deep in thought.

On my way to pick up MY crazychris sent me 50 million texts about he's sorry for all that he did and he loves me and what can he do to make it right. It's so true that once you're with someone all the others get to hunting for you.

Monday- MY's dad picked her up, so Mr. Wonderful and I went to eat dinner. His house is such a "guy's" house. I was sitting in the living room, re-organizing the livingroom in my head. I'm not trying to move in or nothing but it definitely needs a ladies touch.

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