Friday, December 01, 2006

Tyra, Oprah and Beyonce

I just thought I would give a shot out to my girls...One day I'm going to be in thier circle of money.....

Crazychris and I are still together....I love him. He is stuck on this baby thing though. It worries me. What if?... We talked about moving in together. He soooo wants to be the MAN. It's too funny...I won't go in to it.

GUESS WHO CALLED ME YESTERDAY? BOBBY!! He called me like we're friends. I was so on the What-the-fuck-mode...You stalk me, call my house four hundred times and then finally I have to threaten to get the po-po and you leave me alone for ten seconds now you're calling me again...CrAzInEsS!

My's birthday is today!!! She's four years old. I'm going to have a birthday party for her tomorrow...That should be interesting.



HAppy Bday to the BABY!

Ms. Write said...

Hope your baby had a wonderful birthday!! You hang in there and continue to dodge the truly crazy men! LOL!!