Monday, November 20, 2006

"Of all things, guard your heart."

Went to the doctor this morning, No babies growing in me and got a shot in the butt to make sure that that will continue to be the state of things.

Friday Crazychris came by. We hung out watched a movie or two. He was sick so I made a little soup...yeah I'm nice with the kitchen utensils.

Saturday I went to a dance audition (mind you I haven't danced in years). Well I did ok . I wasn't fantastic; as I had visualized myself being. But I was ok. It was an ok audition for someone who hasn't taken a ballet class in over three years.

Saturday night I got pissed at crazychris because he and I had plans and he pulled a disapearing act. No call, no show. Another reason to add to my last post.

Sunday I went to church. After church I picked up MY from her dad's she and I were going to go to the movies to see "Happy Feet" but I had the worst headache ever. I couldn't drive straight let alone see a movie.

I apologized to her and she seemed to understand. She and I laid down and took a long nap. After we awoke I had some extra energy. So I Cleaned out my entire closet.... I have over 200 pairs of shoes...yes it is extreme but I love them and they love me...that's all that matters.

crazychris has still not called... more reasons for my last post.


Ms. Write said...

Hey Jenny! Gurl, hang in there. You didn't nickname Crazychris that for no reason! LOL! I finally had a good man experience and I just updated my page, so ckeck it out if you want a little hope. I'll check you out later.

Peace and blessings!!


HEy Jen, damn...the drama dont stop knockin on the door huh? I swear to you, it will get better!
I have found that strawberry frosted sprinkled donuts are the best for times like these...from Dunkin donuts. Try it, you will feel so much better ...