Friday, October 20, 2006

It's hard out there for a trick.

I found a ten dollar bill today! It was amongst a torn, open, box of condoms, a used wet condom, a half eaten chocolate pudding and a CapriSun….I left it there. I didn’t want to risk my life for ten bucks.

My daughter had a severe allergic reaction the other day. Her damn daycare gave her crackers that say “May contain: Milk, eggs and peanuts” on the package. The kid wears a medic-alert bracelet that list two of those items and there are signs in the kitchen area that expressly say NOT to give this items to her. My girl could have really been hurt…I shutter at the thought. The swelling in her face, arm and body has gone down.

Well my uncle, The WHIZ is supposed to be helping me look for a car. He has a friend who buys and sells cars all the time. Hopefully, I’ll be back in motion soon.

Sad thing is I NEED TO WASH!!! I gottsta get someone to drive me to the laundry mat ASAP! I had to wash out under shirts for my daughter everyday this week, it was not the business. I told my old selfish ass sister that I needed to wash clothes, you know what she said? “You better get to scrubbing them in the bathtub.” F-ing Aries people!!

Ten things I’ve learned or have been reminded of since riding the bus:

1. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what you have on, men will cat call, whistle, solicit you for sex, or offer you rides; so always, always, always avoid eye contact.

2. I’ve learned that I need to learn to speak Tagalog.

3. I’m reminded that I need to get back into the practice of speaking Spanish.

4. I’m reminded that Chivalry is dead. This old Asian man damn near snatched a track out of my head trying to get in front of me in the line waiting to get on the bus.

5. I’ve been reminded that spitting is disgusting. Almost everyday as I’m sitting on the bus stop, one of my fellow bus riders spits…doesn’t matter male of female….It’s nasty! And to think, we’re walking on it. It’s on our shoes! We’re tracking it everywhere! In our houses! I’m going to go home a wash my carpet today!

6. I’ve suddenly remembered my fear of stray dogs and the large number of stray dogs present in California! Arnold Schwarzenegger really ought to do something about that…it’s like walking through the Land of the Lost out here.

7. I’ve learned that it should never take 3 hours to get home from work when you live 20 minutes away.

8. I’ve been reminded that it fucken sucks depending on other people for a ride.

9. I’ve been reminded that things aren’t really THAT far away…I should walk more….that’s what I say now, wait til I get my car.

10. I’ve learned that it must be hard out there to be a hoe. Just think, sitting there having to decide your prices, Hmmm, my oral sex is worth about $35.00 a pop and my co-co that’s a good $120. And where do they buy those

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gr8face said...

Having just had a fender bender, it brought back my fear of being carless. You really find out how disgusting the human race is when you take public transportation. I hope you're rolling again soon.