Monday, October 02, 2006


I met him in 2003. And The first date I knew I really liked him. We had fun together laughing and all. He was really a sweet guy.

Then one day he asked me to take him to catch a plane, I took him. He was to be back in a week. When he came back, we just for some reason faded out. I was going through my I-dont-want-a-boyfriend thing back then any way so who knows what was the problem.

About a month ago he called me and we started talking again. I could feel that same spark with him again. But we lost that feeling somewhere. You're a big girl.

he caleed me. He actually has called me before and left a message " You know I'm in love with you. This Flores." I was home; but I didn't answer. I still have the message saved on my machine (yes, I still have a machine). I will honestly admit that I listen to it. I just kinda want to hear his voice.

he texted me sometime last week. I ignored the text just like the message.

Last Night, I answered. We talked. Had a long conversation. Maybe the longest in my life. So we're working on things


jirzygurl said...

I got some catchin up to do...

Jenny said...

Oh my god Jirzygurl is back!!!What ever vacation you've been on... I'm glad you're back.