Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"she got an ass like a loaf of bread"

*Pharell's new CD is kinda hot. I would have never brought it but since Target got me with the 11.88 I had to. i love it. you should buy it too.

*my momma had to get in the mix with bobby and call his momma after I threatened to call the po-lice. my momma called his momma. he ain't called since.

*i think i'm trying to get a cold. i keep snifflin...i knew putting my daughter in preschool would bring home the pathogens!

*bigsis is pissed at me because i told her she needs to start beating the shit out of my little nephew. she got pissed but, fuck, its the truth! the boy is hell fire.
she needs hit his ass with a quick upper cut to the gut. to hell with the fact that he's 5. he smart enough to tell my sister that she needs to get a tummy tuck, he smart enough to get thrown across the room.
she ain't called or nothing. whatever. the rest of the family keep tip toeing around the issue. she can be pissed if she want to but, she bet not ask me for no bail money when he get 12.

*my daughter had an allergic reaction on monday. (she's ok...she's allergic to everything, I think my devil seed nephew gave her some of his eggs on sunday evening and it caused her to break out or she's allergic to the new bed tent I brought her from Ikea)I had to take her to the hospital, which meant I couldn't go into work.
why did my boss get pissed at me and try to write me up?
had i been in a bad mood she would have felt the pimp the hand of JENNY. aint' had to use it in a while but I still remember how.

*why did bullshit ass ken (the guy with the boys n the hood outfit) tell my sister's boyfriend SS that I just stopped calling him for no reason...he know his ass was wrong for that outfit. There WAS a reason! with his silk pant suit.

that's it. kisses

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