Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day...

Labor Day Weekend started on a Wednesday this year.

Ambo, Rambo (the twins younger brother) and I went to Dub Club but the line was too fucken long. So we left there and went to the Shortstop, right down the street, and it was alright. We drank $4 drinks and sang along and danced to old school/hip hop/salsa/70’s pop/new school/punk music all night.

Catchacase came by to hangout before his motorcycle club meeting. I feel asleep at 9:30pm.

My co-workers and I went bowling at this spot in Westchester. It was cool. We had a good time. Drinking, dancing ensued and a good time was had by all. Catchacase came with me. We rode his motorcycle, so my hair was an afro.

I went to a white linen party on a four hour boat cruise. I wore the cutest dress. A white Marilyn Monroe dress, with one of those bright red wide band belts (that are in these days), these red strappy shoes, a red necklace and earring set, and a red head band. I was hot. Bigsis, Yas, Bigsis’s new boyfriend SS, and I went. SS said that one of his friends, KL, was going to be there.

Turns out, KL is the nicest guy. He and I danced all night long. When the cruise was over we went to this little club, but we didn’t want to pay for it.

The guy that gave the cruise made some banging ass jambalaya. We (Yas, bigsis and myself) were being extra ghetto and eating the jambalaya all walking across the street to the club.

We left the club and went to 7-11 and got slurpies and went home.

Aunt that lives way out in the dessert, where my mom had taken my daughter to this whole week, had dinner at her house. My uncle fried a turkey, my mom made jambalaya, my aunt made potato salad, my other aunt made greens….It was TOO GOOD. I ate drank and was merry.

Then my little cousin got to cutting up and I had to sock his ass in the cheek. No Lie. I socked the shit out of his 20 year old ass for telling my aunt (who has Multiple Sclerosis) that she was “talking stupid”. I fucked his fat ass up and then cussed him out.
Wasn’t nothing he could say, he tried to raise up but I told his ass, “You touch me and we gone have to call the ambulance and the police. Cause we gon need both and I didn’t come all the way out here to go to the hospital.” He backed his ass down. Little fucker.

We went to Bigsis’s house and cooked

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