Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Things I hate

Visually offensive outfits

People that make themselves a part of your conversation

People that nag


Fear of success

Gossip (unless its directly affecting me)

When you’re giving people the, ok I’m done listening to you signals, and they keep talking

Adults that whine

People that interrupt

People that turn out in front of you and slow down

Paying bills

Clingy men

The taste of coconut

The smell of vanilla

People that say they are going to do something, and don’t. Then have no explanation they just act as if nothing happened

Cigarette smokers and smoke

Yellow teeth

Beer bellies (on men and women)

Police, sheriffs…law officials in general

When people say “pacific” instead of “specific”

When people say “mens”

Morning breath…not mine, his.

My current boss

People that want to take your money but can’t return your call (i.e. my mechanic, the landlord of the house I want to rent, etc.)

Colored wigs

When people that ask you a question and then tell you the answer