Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I say...

I am not: as tough as I think I am.

I hurt: when people lie on me.

I think: ungodly thoughts about Chris Brown.

I hate: niggas.

I cry: only when no one can see.

I care: deeply for the state of the world.

I feel alone: sometimes even in a room of people.

I listen: always only half heartedly…just being truthful

I hide: my true feelings until you admit yours.

I drive: a car that is not registered and I don’t have a license.

I sing: songs even if I don’t know the words

I dance: to reduce stress

I write: less and less now that I got this promotion.

I breathe: easy knowing one day it’s got to get easier.

I miss: not having any responsibilities

I say: one thing when I mean another.

I feel: tired.

I succeed: in not allowing others to continuously affect me.

I fail: to have compassion many times.

I dream: in extreme…sometimes almost frightening detail

I sleep: whenever I get the chance because I may not be able to the next day.

I wonder: have I met my true love and passed him by for some stupid reason like he didn’t wear t-shirts.

I want: to be wealthy.

I worry: about our future.

I give: away nothing. I work too hard for that shit.

I fight: with my daughter’s father over stupid shit

I wait: for nothing. Life is too short to wait.

I stay: as far away from gossip and conflict as I can

I am: a product of my environment.

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