Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Empress of Stupid

I went to the bathroom today. I did what I went to do. Flushed. Thoroughly washed my hands. Dryed my hands. Fixed my clothes. Put on lip gloss. I was all ready to go out and experience the world.

I open the door and Ora, this woman that I work with, is just standing there. Sort of, in a position that seemed like she had been listening to what was going on while I was in the restroom.

I scrunched my face like what the fuck are you doing? and asked her "Can I help you?" She just stood there. I said "You need to go?" (We have one unisex bathroom, in the office, for like 10 employees...on the other side where the students are there are more but who wants to use the same bathroom the students use?) She says "Oh, no. I'm, nothing" and goes back to her desk.

What the fuck was she doing outside the door?

Ora, is the dumb ass of the office.

The Admissions office begins to sing the E-40 "go stupid, go dumb, dumb" Everytime she walks by.

She's so retarted she starts to suck you into her tunnel of "dumb-ass-ness"

Everyday it's something stupid to laugh at from her.


jirzygurl said...

her name is Ora??? apparently her momma ain't to bright either...

Lisa said...

I knew a gal named Ora...I had no idea there were others!