Monday, May 15, 2006

Why is it that I always have the wildest weekends?

I think it’s because I don’t do a damn thing for myself during the week.

I take care of my baby, clean the house, take care of my baby, tend to the car, make dinner, teach MY the alphabet and numbers and shapes and colors and phonetic sounds, listen to her in her high pitched 3 year old voice try to explain to me why she is not my friend anymore because I said her name in a “deep” voice, listen to her cry when I put her ass to sleep,I pay my cousin who act like we ain’t even family 260 dollars a month to watch my daughter;

I teach a class 20 hours, deal with crying ass grown folks that don’t know how to leave their emotional and personal baggage at home while they come to school for four hours for only eight months, manage the entire pharmacy program, deal with instructors, grade papers, deal with emotional outbursts from my boss, work a minimum of 15 hours over time for stupid ass instructors who can’t bare to come in to work on time or sometimes not all;

I drive in Cali-traffic, drive my ragedy ass car (of which the registration has expired, so I gotsta watch for the police in my mirror; cuz my L’s is suspended) in Cali-traffic;

I listen to my stupid ass neighbor’s (on the left side) Toni Braxton CD that has been on repeat for the last four years (I am so not exaggerating or lying), and ponder why the hell is her big buff, body building, steroid using ass always wearing cut off jean shorts-white slouch socks (which young teenage men are starting to wear nowindays here in Cali…what the hell?), yellow construction boots, and a work out bra?, listen to my stupid ass neighbor (on the right side) who has turned his bed room into a “studio” and figures because he was on one Banging on Wax tape…not a CD a tape in 1993(if you’re from LA you know just what the hell I’m talking about…for everybody else there…there was a tape called Banging on Wax where one side was Crips rapping about how much they hate Bloods and on the other side Bloods rapping about how much the hate Crips…some dumb ass person figured…hum…I’m going to produce this bullshit and all the while our community’s are struggling) he is still the Shit and thinks his 35 year old ass has what it takes to “make it big”;

I deal with the little “One-Way” boys that have taken over the apartment building that is next door to mine and are most likely out there right now trying to figure out how to vandalize something, deal with the Crackmonsters that swarm to the building next door to buy drugs from the OG’s that hang out by the emptied out pool, try to understand why the hell the Mexican people in my building have to have their fucken music so loud and why the hell do they have a rabbit and a dog in an apartment and how many people really constitute a “family”?;

I argue with Ms. Hernandez down stairs because her ass thinks it’s okay to put her trash in my trash can…and pretends that she doesn’t speak English everytime I call her ass on it even though I hear her ass gossiping in plain ass English to the black chic who braids hair about the man in my building with the wooden popeye pipe who’s cheating on his wife;

I try to understand why the hell is street sweeping from 8am to 2:30pm on a block that has fifty million apartment buildings and no parking stalls?, try to undertand why my cheap ass landlord locked up the laundry because he says it cost too much water, and why the hell did they paint our apartment building without telling us so two of my fucken windows are painted open, watch regular TV because I got into with the cable company, And that’s on a good week.

Deep breath and EXHALE…

All that said you’ll understand why posts on my weekends are so much fun.

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