Monday, May 15, 2006

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My Weekend started on Thursday. Sony Studios was here from out of town because she had a dental appointment...believe it. So in celebration of my bestfriend being in town we had to get out.

We went to this Reggae spot. It’s generally kind cool. This White MC that for some reason everyone feels is dope…he’s not. But it was hot because Red Rat performed he had in cracking in there.

We left out and had to wait for a damn hour for the valet.

I didn’t get home until 4 am . I was trying to push up on me some AMP love since I was so close but I was too tired.

Friday morning I had planned on getting to work at 7:30 to deal with some issues I’ve been having with the morning students But I woke up at 10:00am. What the hell?

Friday evening MY went to her dad’s so he could play dad for the day. My school had graduation. I teach in front of thirty people everyday and think I was so nervous to talk in front of a group for graduation.

That night I went home to enjoy some quite time alone and ordered a pizza. Catchacase called me and asked me if I wanted to go to a movie I was feeling like company so I agreed to go with him. It was sweet.

That morning my key was stuck in my car ignition. Some ole bullshit I suppose. But I didn’t really want to go anywhere and leave my shit that way. SO I took it to my sister’s a rode with her the whole day since my mechanic is closed on the weekends. We took the kids on a fantastic day. They had so much fun… The Movies lunch and the park. They didn’t know what to do! All the while it was a set up because BigSis and I were trying to get out that night.

I took My to my grandmothers. At my grandmother’s “Mother’s day Request”.

Bigsis, Yas, their dark skin I-got-to-be-on-a-plane-so-I’m-going-to-fuck-up-every-body’s-night-with-R.Kelly friend and I went to this club in Long Beach. It was cool Except for the fact that, all the men that weren’t there to pick up scantly clad white women had round bellies. We drank and laughed and had a good ole time.

Some guy told me he used to dance for immature and that he had two tickets at will-call if I wanted to go. I must’ve laughed so hard…First of all immature doesn’t even exist anymore….second of all…no there is no second of all.

We left there and went to Denny’s. We’re sitting down eating and I see my home girl Sani. We damn near blew up when we saw each other! I was tripping because her ass lives in New York now and she was tripping because she said She knew my ole crazy ass had some mad ass Billie goat laughs in store for everyone at our table.

Well we’re sitting there laughing at my drunk ass. When we look out the window we see Yas’s 2007 Camry being towed away. We all were sitting there like WHATTHEFUCK! We run outside and stop the tow truck driver his ass throws a card at us and we’re left sitting there like thieves. We toss some money at the lady at the counter at Denny’s and hop in a cab. He takes around to where the car was.

All I can say is four intoxicated, educated but still know how to cuss yo ass out black women at 3am and their car has just been towed. Trouble, trouble, trouble…. Needless to say the police were called and we ended up filing suit with the bogus ass company this morning.

My Mother’s Day…
I woke up to three dozen red roses from AMP. He took me to a fabulous early breakfast. I felt like fabulousness.

Bobby took me to a birthday party for his cousin’s daughter: a water slide and an air-jump, cotton candy machine and water guns and popcorn and hot dogs…MY had too much fun. I met his family. Scary. Now does that mean I’m like his girl friend or something? *Shivers*

After the party he took me to Bertha’s for Gumbo, neckbones, macaroni and cheese, red beans and rice and corn bread. I loves to eat so I had an enjoyable time.

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