Thursday, May 04, 2006

66 times

The absolute funniest shit took place this morning

I had to come in early today to proctor and exam, for an instructor who had the nerve to give me the excuse “I have prior obligations” as her reason why she couldn’t stay to teach the complete four hours of her 6 am to 10 am class.

I got my ass to work at 7:15 am and her ass was already gone even though she was supposed to be staying until 8am. I put the students on break and decided to check my e-mail, scan my blog and read some blogs I love …you know just kill some time.

So I’m reading one of my most favorite blogs Hustleman and the shit is really cracking me up. So I say to myself “let me print this shit out so that I can read this while I’m giving this asshole their exam” I say assholes because this class is a classroom of assholes, they come in late, take hour long breakfast, sleep during lecture, and all type of shit that they’re not supposed to do. So U click print and don’t pay much regard to which printer and there’s nothing; ten seconds later…nothing…ten more seconds…nothing…ok, so I sent it to the wrong printer…no problem…let me just go pull it from the other printer.

So I walk over to the front office and my dumb ass has not only sent the entry to the wrong printer I printed it 66 times. It was ridiculous. The stupid ass printer/copier that we have in our office, if the file is sent from another source is unable to cancel a print job.

SO I had 66 copies of an entry labeled “Anal Sex”

Good thing my frugal ass boss wasn’t here yet.


Hustleman said...


That's probably the single most vulgar blog entry I ever wrote,

Glad nobody found out that you made so many copies. Guess you may as well pass 'em along to your friends now ;)

Also, thanks for the mention over here ;)

Fiyah said...

LOL! See how life can just rear up and bite you on the ass?!

Nika Laqui said...


Thats messed up..*lol*
I'm glad nobody saw it otherwise you would be known as the Anal Freak!

Now I need to go read Hustleman's anal sex...

I found you through his blog and your title is what got me..

I have a personality disorder...

So do I?

I think all people some degree

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i call them anal pores - lol

Kimmie said...

That is out of control! See you were lucky cause people get fired for less! Glad you caught them all! Now I gotta check Hustleman out it's been a while!