Friday, April 21, 2006

“Toto, We’re not in Kansas any more…”

Last night I went to the movies with my co-worker and Big Sis. We saw “Failure to Launch” It surprised me because it is an extremely funny movie… I cracked my ribs laughing so hard.

Afterwards while driving Bigsis home AMP calls me. He says “You want to go on a vacation?”
I say “sure” he tells me to “go home, get a bathing suit and come to my house.”

He gives me directions to this house/gigantic building. There’s this gi-enormous gate, once I walk through it and there are a trillion stairs. I walk up these stairs and text Bigsis so she knows where I’m at; because this house was definitely looking like a chop-me-up-and-mail-me-to-my-parents movie.

When I finally make it to the top there’s this giant patio, where he standing with this beautiful black lab that was barking like she was going to eat me. He gives me a big hug and takes me inside and up even more stairs into the living room. He has his glasses off and damn he is fine. You know how some people look strange with their glasses off…nope…still sexy.

I was definitely in the home of a player. I mean serious…in the movies…plush style playboy.

He shows me around the living room and the wonderful view and the fireplaces, the second patio, the back “wilderness”/third patio.

He takes me into the kitchen and pours me a glass of wine. We go up more stairs into his bedroom.

His bedroom is one long room separated midway with a fireplace. In the first half of his room there’s a desk and computer and drawings and pictures and DVD’s and CD’s and whatnots. He shows me some family pictures he has displayed (beautiful family). And we’re just talking playfully, light and friendly still no sexual tension. I was still trying to understand whether I’m just friends with this guy or if there’s more.

We walk over to the fire place, which he has lit, we have a seat…mind you I’m getting pretty liquored up. We’re laughing and talking and have a nice friendly time. Then he says to me “Put on your swim suit”. I hesitate because I haven’t seen a pool or Jacuzzi. But hey, I’m liquored down, so I go with it.

I come out the restroom in my turquoise and dark blue swim suit ...looking pretty cute…if I do say so myself…even though my belly does need a few sit-ups. My hair was whipped and my make-up was still lovely. But I’d forgotten my fucken hair scarf…so I know it was going to be horrible on the roots… I sighed oh well.

He takes me over to his bed, where there’s this long glass window door…that I hadn’t seen earlier because it’s sort of in the cut. And there’s a Jacuzzi. Three feet away from the mans bed…there’s a Jacuzzi…NOW you know...I was in the presence of a player.

We get in and it’s HOT. I mean he’s hot, I’m hot, the water is boiling, the liquor in my system has me dehydrated and HOT. He starts rubbing my feet and legs and back and gives me little soft kisses on my neck and back…so it was real HOT.

So my roots were NAPPY… but at least I was feeling good. He gets out and comes back with a rubber band, grapes and more wine. He ties up my hair (real playboy style), feeds me grapes and pours me more wine.

Then he kisses me. I almost passed out. Matter of fact I think I did. HOT water, HOT sexy Indian/Black man covered in HOT water giving me HOT kisses. I passed out. Because I just remember looking up at the faded white clouds covering dim twinkling stars and forgetting about every damn thing.

We get out because I was about 102 degrees and my shoes and towel were being attacked by ants.

He gives me a shirt that says “Atari” on it… too funny. I have on some yellow shorts and a matching shirt underneath. He takes me over to his bed and lays down this dark blue cover (He has all white sheets, bed spread, pillows) so very much something I would’ve brought.

He whips out the extra greasy oil like they used in the movie “Belly” and massages my body head to toes. I was feeling like a cup of Jello!

Then to top it all off; he goes into the kitchen and brings back a HUGE bowl of Butterpecan ice cream my absolute favorite When he comes back into the room he has on just boxer briefs and Tims… (The ice cream and the outfit were all things we talked about on our first date) and feeds me the ice cream spoon by spoon…

Talk about a fairytale…And guess what yall!!! I was strong enough Not to do it to him. All of that and no last step….I’m getting stronger. Stronger and yet the devil has invaded my mind….

We’re supposed to have lunch on Tuesday.

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