Monday, April 10, 2006

microphone check.

Nothing much new to report been working hella (yes, I am from the west coast) hard; this new position has been whippin my ass.

I been hanging with Ricroc lately...why? I spoke to this psyhic therapist (don't even ask) and she told me to resovle my issues with him...that talking to him and diffussing our "stuff" was the most important thing I needed to do. She said it was imperative. That scared the hell outta me so I called him and we talked and went to dinner twice and we're back to our fog of friendship/thick froth of sexual tension...

Mya has been at my aunt's house since her kids our on spring break and I miss her way too much. It's a trip being in the house all alone. I don't know what to do. Don't have now body to talk to.

This weekend was bigsis' birthday. We went to Joe's Crap Shack Friday...Good eating..the BBQ spice is off the chain. Then we went to the Bistro. This was my most ghetto experience I have been met with. Why was I never told that it was that horrific. It was as if we'd gotten on a plane and landed in 1992 all over again. There were women in spandex dresses and ex gangmembers every where. there was even a woman who didn't know her belly was hanging out...awful I tell you awful. I did meet a guy though he was very nice..His brother was even nicer but I kinda wanted him to be checking for my sister...she's going through some things but he wasn't...but I gave this new guy Bobby my #. He seemed just as lost as us in the this sea of ghetto.

Saturday we went to Posh. It was nice. It was an older crowd. Bigsis isolder so I guess that was more her scene. It started off tough because there wasn't much going on. after two washington apple martini's I got up and danceed with my sister. I started dancing iwth this guy named AMP, he brought me another martini and it was rainbow s and buttercups. He turned out to be a sweetie. He's an instructor also and he works at a vocational school like my self. he was very nice. Very nice indeed.

We left around one thirty. My sister and her friend Yas were acitng sort of janking with me though when they dropped me to my car. I didn't really appreciate that shit.

Sunday. I laid in the bed until 2:30pm. Bobby called me aroun3 and invited me to a BBQ. I wasn't in the mood so I took a rain check. Then AMP called me and he and I talked and talked and talked and talked. We're supposed to have drinks on Wednesday... we'll see.


Kimmie said...

Wow you got things to do and people to see!! Sounds like a full weekend. The guy who is the instructor too sounds really nice!
I started a new job about a month ago and man it's been an adjustment! But it's going well!

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

sounds like you had fun...she didn't know her stomach was out...that's comedy....joe's crab shack has been pissing me off lately...i've been on a year off from that joint...i might go back later this year...

Jenny said...

Yeah, Joes' was tripping they put us way on the side where we couldn't see and the tried to dress my sister in a costume that looked like a pee pee blanket.