Monday, April 24, 2006

Code names by request:

My: My three year old daughter.
Kinko’s / Ambo: My best friend’s twin sister, known her about 20 years
Sony Studios- My best friend, used to live with me when we were younger, lives in New Jersey now
Monnie: My habitual liar friend that is married to a man that works in a gay bar and has three kids with him
Martinez: My friend that is a parking enforcement agent, that I’ve known for about 20 years, couple years older than me has three kids, hates her boyfriend but is getting married to him
BigSis: My older sister
AMP: this guy I met who’s an instructor, very cute.
Bobby: Another guy I met that is a contractor and is already falling for me.
RicRoc: this guy I’m in love with but we can’t make it work…even after three years
Catchacase: This younger guy I used to date that I still hang out with form time to time.


Hustleman said...

LOL @ some of your nicknames...I think I'm going to post some of the nicknames that I use for folks one day.

So yeah, I'm stealing your Take it as a compliment, though. That means I think that you have creativity to go along with the looks ;)

Organized Noise said...

This is a good idea. That way people don't get confused, especially, if they aren't there from the begining. I'm with hustleman, I'm gonna "borrow" this idea.

Ms. Write said...

Hey girl! I'd figured out who some of your people are but I'm happy to have the definitions. LOL!!

Peace and blessings!