Thursday, April 13, 2006

"a chronic bachelor"

Last night I went out with AMP.
We met at Universal City walk and we saw “ATL” which is an extremely cute movie if you haven’t seen it. Who knew T.I. was so fine? Damn… and I love the Southern accent!

AMP is a lot more attractive than I remembering him being. He was dressed all fresh and he wears glasses that are perfectly sized for his face…truly an attractive young man.

After the movie, he asked if I had a specific time I had to be home by, since My is still away at my aunts, I really didn’t have to be home, so we went to some bar near by there.

STOP my car is a tattered mess. The paint is chipping and old and faded and there’s a dent on the side and the front bumper is a different color from the rest of the car but I love my baby. On our way to the bar I had to stop and get gas, he was in his car and I was in mine, and he straight up tried to clown my bucket. I know it ain’t shit but I love my ride… It’s true G style… ok I know I need a car! Especially since I’m the manager and everyone on my staff has a better car then me. But he didn’t have to point out her ugliness.

So he asks me if we could please park my car and take his. I oblige (plus, I didn’t have any gas anyway)

Side bar: By the way I get my first managerial paycheck today!!!!

So we get to the bar and I am the ONLY dark skin, non-half breed woman in the club. Not the only black woman. Just the only Black woman that you could tell that she was a Black woman with out seeing her momma. The only one without curly, wild hair and the “Bohemian” look going on. Now I've been to places where I've been the only chocolate chic. But it seems that we darky girls are in these days...cause the white boys were on it.

Some man tried to get at me while I waited for AMP to bring me back a drink (Washington Apple Martini… my drink of choice at the moment)But he smelled odd and had on Jesus sandals.

After my drink was gone, we danced and danced and danced the night away…to half ass hip hop mixed in with jazz and 70’s hits….GO figure!

Around AMP and I are sitting down just chill-laxin’ and there’s this curly-hair chic in front of our table dancing to the music (Think Lynn the light skin girl from Girlfriends) and I’m basically looking at him watch her dance. Then I thought for a second maybe he doesn’t see that I see him. Then he says “sway them hips girl” I give him the “ok?” eyes and get up to go to the bathroom.

When I get back, the girl is gone, we talk a minute. And he asks if I’m ready to leave. I say “yes” and we do. Funny tidbit: the security guard says “good night Black people” when we walk out.

So we’re in the car, and I’m thinking “Am I on a just a friend date?”. He paid for everything. He invited me. He planned it all out.He told me I had pretty toes and that I looked nice. We won’t discuss my feelings about being told that one looks nice. He held my hand a couple of times and kissed my back while we were dancing but I got the distinct feeling of a friendship date.

We get to my car and he opens my door and he half hugs me with a pat!!!! Then he tells me to call him as soon as I get home.

Before I got home he calls my cell and talks to me the last 30 minutes of my drive. Just about silly stuff. Old girl/boyfriends, my 900 cars, my stalkers, and being an instructor and a mom. Just a whole bunch of things. Then he says “I’m a chronic bachelor.” I didn’t question it at the time but I should have. What an odd statement?

Which brings me back to was I on a friend date?

At the end of our conversation, he says “ok, sweetheart I’m definitely going to talk to you tomorrow.”

What is this? I’m confused!? I didn’t want him to be all down my neck trying to lick my fingertips…just wanted to know that he was interested. Now, I’m all just confused.

Or did he decide that he didn’t dig me half way through? HELP!!!???


Anonymous said...

You were definitely on a "friend date" because if it was wouldn't make you confused.

Anonymous said...

I am from Atlanta and I've been married to someone from South Central Los Angeles for the past three years. He moved here to Georgia...and only married me because of my Southern accent. Go figure.

Ms. Write said...

Guuuurrrrrllllll... welcome to my world! :-) You've been reading my blog, so you know what's going on up in here, up in here! :-)

Peace and blessings!