Thursday, April 20, 2006

Can I touch your hair?

I couldn’t take it…I went and got a weave last night. My whip is laid.
When I got to work today
My Asian boss says “My, your hair is so pretty.”
I say “Thank you. I got it done last night.”
Asian boss says “Wow, What exactly did they do?”
I say “well they braid your hair and then sew the fake hair into your braids.”
Asian boss says “How long does it take?”
I say “Oh, a couple of hours…”
Asian boss says “Hours?!... Well it looks great…”
I say “Thank you.”
Asian boss says “Can I touch it?”
I look at Asian boss very suspiciously… “Um, sure.”
Asian Boss fingers my hair carefully “IT FEELS JUST LIKE MINE!!!”
I say “yes…I prolly does.”
Asian Boss says “Here feel mine…” She whips around her straight black crop and issues it to me like its gold plated sheets…I finger it…
I say “I guess it does..”
Asian boss “That’s fantastic!!!!”


Hustleman said...

LOL @ this...White folks are famous for doing that to black women, too. They stay touching folks' hair.

I get the opposite, though. Old black women always want to touch my hair when it's longer since it gets

Bella said...

gIRL, iM ITALIAN AND BLACK AND GO THROUGH THE SAME CRAP ALL THE TIME. can a sista add a little weave with out the world patting my head down like its a cockerspaniel. Even guys Ill be on dates with...note rubbing my weave aint cute, hell it aint even mine so if you wanna touch it that much I say you need to get ahold of the chick it belonged to before im out.

heather_day said...

looks like you could use a "touch your own hair" shirt!

brie said...

funny post!lol we black girls can't escape that sort of behaviour, whether it's a weave, a 'fro or braids!