Thursday, March 16, 2006

put your ass on the wall and your leg on around your neck.

I went to ass and titties Hosuton this weekend. Man, did I have a ball.

My friend E got married in Galveston, Tx. She was a beautiful bride. What tripped me out was her husband. he's handsome, intelligent, successfull and he loves her. I am so happy for her. She beat the odds! He even burst into tears as he gave to most beautiful toast to her at the reception.

I makes me question will I ever find some one who even loves me a third as much? I honestly do not believe that. It hurts to feel that way; but, I feel that there is no possibility of that for me, ever. sadly.

On a lighter note. I got the promotion! I am officially the Diretor of the Pharmacy department. Thank you. thank you.

But my wages are being garnished for a portion of my student loan that I didn't know I still owed! so I got an $8,000 a year raise but, I have to pay almost $3,000 this year in back pay.I think I am going to take money from my savings and renegogiate to pay the full amount.

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Ms. Write said...

Glad you had a good time with your girls in Texas! Good luck with Trin... I've got my own drama, so I can't really give you any advice! You know? :-)

Peace and blessings!