Thursday, March 23, 2006


#1. Work
I officially start my new position Thursday March 30th. But today I ran my first meeting. I conducted myself as a pro! Letting folks know when they had strayed from the topics at hand. All of my instructors commented on how well the meeting went.I just needed to toot my own horn.

#2. Love
I never called Trin back. I actually haven't been talking to anyone, not on a regular basis anyway.
Rickroc called and left me a message while I was in Texas, asking me to give him a call because he missed me, but I couldn't work up the energy to call him back. Crazychris has been calling me everyday. I wonder what the hell he's trying to accomplish.
Catchcase called me last night to ask me if I wanted to cometo his party on Saturday. I find that odd since the last time I spoke to him he was supposed to be giving me a call later that day (three months ago).
No prospects...actually no real want for prospects right now.

#3. Friendship
The girls and I are going to the R. Kelly concert on my Birthday!!! I can't wait!
We are going to be hotrageous once again. This weekend the chicas are all going to Vegas for the home girl A.L.'s 21st birthday (she's the twinz [sony studios and ambo] little sister) but I ain't got the cash to kick it so I guess it'll be kiddie parties and spaghetti for me.

#4. Family
My little cuzo's den tripped out. LM cussed my aunt out and she kicked his ass out of the house.
BigSis is still battling her anxiety issues, from her stressful ass job I told her just blow up and stop holding that shit in.
Mom is pumped because the twins (Ree and Von), my little cuzos are coming to visit her.

I try not to write much about my daughter on this blog because I always feel that you should save some for yourself. I actually write in a journal everyday (everyday since I knew I was pregnant) about her that I plan on ,when she tells me she's pregnant (hopefully she'll be 30 and married; but whatever turns life sends...), giving to her. But I have to say that My is fantastic. She is the reason I wake every morning. The reason I smile. If I didn't have my daughter, I don't know where I'd be right now. And 3 is such a fun age. I am enjoying every single second of it.

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Ms. Write said...

What a beautiful testimony about your daughter! You are blessed! As for the Arhu-Kelly concert... get prayed up! :-)

Peace and blessings!