Friday, February 10, 2006

no commas, no periods, no spell check, and incorrect grammer

Wednesday Trin didn’t call me all day nor did he text me.
So, last night he calls me around 11. I was busy wiring my car stereo (my new project I’m working on) and he asks me how was my field trip to the Aquarium (which I had texted him and told him to ditch work, and come with me too; but he couldn’t so he said that he’d come have lunch with me on Friday) I told him great. He asks me was I upset with him for not calling me yesterday, I said no then he goes on to tell me that Sharon, his female roommate that I am not to happy with the idea of, calls him and says that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to come home tonight and could he just go stay the night at my house because her boyfriend was tripping. So, he told her fine he didn’t want to have in trouble with either of them (Sharon, the female roommate that I’m not to happy with the idea of, or her boyfriend). So He tells her that he had to come and at least get some clothes since he’s been at the club all day. When he gets there they (Sharon, the female roommate that I’m not to happy with the idea of, and her boyfriend) got into a big ole argument. I mean fisticuffs and yelling and items being thrown and just issues. so now he wants to move. SO this Sunday we’re supposed to going to look for an apartment for him.

I am so happy that he’s moving. Getting rid of Sharon, the female roommate that I’m not to happy with the idea of, and moving out into his own apartment.

I want to write so much more about much more of our conversation last night and so on; but I’m at work and I keep getting called to do different things and I have to go tutor some student from Mr. Hoy’s class that doesn’t know basic math….later.

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Ms. Write said...

Hey Jenny! Hang in there with the Trin thing... and the apartment. :-) I know about difficult roomies, which is why I've decided to go it alone. :-)

I also understand being too busy to blog. I just wrote on somebody else's message board how I just put in my first entry in like 10 days, or something like that!

Anyway, keep us posted when you get a chance.

Peace and Blessings!