Monday, February 06, 2006

back track: sunday night monday morning.

On my way home from the desert, I texted Trin: Can I C U 2night?
He called about thirty minutes later and said he has on his way over.

He got to my house around 11:30pm. My was fast asleep. So Trin and I sat on my couch talking about my weekend with the fam and his weekend, being the “stand-in” weekend manager at the club, since the former weekend manager is on probation for selling a membership to a minor. And I realized I love his smile.

We talked and talked and talked (because the man can talk) and I fell deeper and deeper and still deeper. Eventually, we ended up cuddled on the couch my face snuggled in the “nuk” (you know!). And I got sweet kisses and a back rub and um, um, um so much more.
Yes we did THAT thing. I know, I know. 2 months is the best policy but…to hell with policy. And we aren’t even really defined as a couple or anything and so many other things but I did and I have no regrets about it. so there.

Monday morning, I opened the curtains so that we could see the light blue sky and let the sun bath our faces and we talked about us. Not just about silly stuff and our days and his mom and his brother and my sister and our jobs and our cars and whatnots. We talked about our relationship and what that means to us. It was really endearing. We talked about how I’m not really comfortable with his female roommate…Yeah. ain’t that a bitch. and about marriage and just the whole spectrum of things that people in relationships should talk about.

Around 10 am, My woke up…So I made sure we were dressed and all hints of a sleepover were hidden and put away. She climbed into my lap and said “Hey Trin” and went back to sleep. He kissed me and left.

oddly, I still felt unsettled.

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It's Your Turn said...

You dont seem to be having a personality disorder. Your About Me blurb is very reflective.