Friday, January 06, 2006

so sick of love tired of tears

SO much crap has been going on around, all up in here, that I don’t even know where to begin.

My is talking way too much her ass is Oprah on crack its ridiculous!

So crazychris and I tried a little reunion and of course we’ve broken up again. yea that’s always the story. He went with me to my aunt’s thing…I think I already wrote about it.

Around like back by Thanksgiving I met this guy, whom of which we will call Dopeman. Thus, explaining what he told me his job was. I’m not settling trust me. I don’t want to be the “girl” of the Dopeman; but, he likes me so much that I don’t want to abruptly stop seeing him. He’s not hostile or anything but I don’t want to burn ….anymore bridges.

Ricroc had texted messaged me around Thanksgiving telling me that he had a girlfriend. .. yeah ain’t that some bullshit? Then he texts me around Christmas and says that they broke up… what the hell? First of all why do I have to be the damn “report desk”? Is he texting me these messages for what reason? To tease me? To inform me of his status?

Then, get this, he calls me of New Year’s Eve and asks me whether or not I wanted to go to one of his friends houses with him. What the shit?

Catchacase did come by and check on my car and told me some bullshit about having a friend of his stop by and fix it….I didn’t believe a breath of that shit so I called my “ole boy” and had him fix it… for $10. And of course Catchacase’s ass didn’t even follow through anyway. Niggas ain’t shit.

Met some other dude, let’s call him Tech. Well Tech is a nice guy but the other day we were out to lunch and he did this lip press together eye bulge face like exuberant gay men do. It was a shock to my system…so I figured he was gay. Later when he was leaving, he kissed me sexy. I don’t know what to say? Then he leaves me messages on my cellphone like “I was just calling you to hear your beautiful voice”. Are we girlfriends or are we something else?

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