Sunday, January 08, 2006


Today I went to church and the message was "How much more" It was wonderful.

Afterwards My and I were invited to a birthday party for my daughters father's niece..which I knew would be akward because it's my ex's family...but whatever they're My's family so I had to take her.

I decided to stop at Target and get a gift... Well on my way out to the car I spotted the most handsome man I've seen all year....(smile)...He had on a Bally's fitness "Staff" shirt and as he passed my car he had the biggest prettiest brightest smiles I've seen in a long time. He asked me whether I was single and if I'd like to go out sometime and I was so busy smiling that I couldn't even answer him appropriately. I gave him number and as he talked to me I reached for his arm to look at his watch and he almost melted. We both started laughing at the coy way we were interaction with one another. It was so cute the two of us...sigh...

Well see.

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