Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"you wana see my what?!"

so I haven't posted in here in a minute.. a sista been avoiding her emotions and shit since negros been trying to cut me off at the pass.

Lately I've been seeing alot of Crazychris.
I am now addicted to Myspace... I can talk to my little cousins all day long... and to my friends!!!

Sony Studios is moving to 'New Jersey on Sunday and I am depressed no more best friend.... But at least there'll be a party Saturday night for me to attend.Crazy chris is comming with me.

Crazychris came with me to this event that my family had at the OG "Proud bird" I have the cutest picture of he and I...only things is he sort of looks like DJ Quik.

My cousin, Micheal "Mikey", was pissing me the fuck off at the dinner she was all in Crazychris' face and was about to get KO'd if her annoying voice having, constantly craving for a man, still living with her momma, tramping ass self didn't shut the fuck up. I wanted to whaloop her ass dead in the fucking face and crazychris was just entertaining her stupid ass conversation...then my cousins mom my second cousin came and sat down and says to her "Ewww. Mikey...he's really cute...isn't he really cute Mikey?" That tramp should've got dropped too. If I wasn't looking so good in my cute ass black dress and my new favorite pair of shoes that I am going to get married to, I would have stummp em both... So instead I told ccrazychris that if he says one more thing to either of them I'd slap the shit out of him. He complied and all was well.

I ended up having 4 count them 4 French connecions which equals 4 shots of Grand Manier and 4 shots of Cognac. It was perfect.... and for the first time in almost a year it was going down with Crazychris... LOL

I really haven't been doing much else Just taking care of My. Who by the way talks as much as Oprah now and needs to be working.

Oyeah! I had a birthday party for My last weekend and her daddy came and of course he acted a fucken fool! The dumb ass thought that my homegirls boyfriend was someone that I was talking to, so he went and said some sort of stupid shit to him that made them leave the party early... My daughter's father is a fantastic Dumb ass.

I don't know what the hell is going on, but my daughters father has a tooth in the front of his mouth that has died. I know it soundslike I'm trying to clown him but for real... It's like brown and it looks wooden. It's frightening. I know that once, when we were together, he was playing in a basketball game and this dude knocked his tooth out; but, he told me that he had gotten it fixed. The next day it was back in place and white and bright like the sun. And we never talked of it again...but now it's yellow and brown and gray and sticking out to the right a little bit...He needs to get that shit fixed because it makes me look bad. I don't want people saying "Jenny used to be with that browned tooth ass nigga..." Maybe I should have a talk with him about keeping up his appearance.

Well there's a little eyeball with a caution sign over it in the corner of my computer now so I guess I better get off the net.


Kimmie said...

Hey Jenny ! Now that's funny!!

ahhhh his dead tooth makin you look bad! I don't blame you!! Not sure they can fix that.. have to get a fake one right!! As long as he takes care of dat for your sake!!

Hang in chickie!

DannyKidd said...

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