Thursday, November 03, 2005

"you got to live and learn...."

I'm giving up soda for the next forty days. 4 days and counting.

I had been clenching my jaw while I was alseep the first nights of this week. I have unresolved issues. Wednesday my jaw was hurting so bad that I had to do something. I called my aunt to ask her how my sister was doing since she and I are not talking. And she told me that she was fine and that I should take the first step and call her. I didn't. But just talking to my aunt about my sister and I arguing made me feel better. Then I texted Class.

When he finally wrote me back we texted for about two hours about a whole bunch of shit. And I'm still in limbo about my feelings for him. I can feel the truck about to smash right into my face.

What's crazy is that all these re-runs keep calling me. RicRoc and I had dinner Sunday, Catchacase called me last night to see if I wanted to go to dinner tonight, Ant is calling me again. It's very strange.

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