Monday, November 14, 2005


SO My weekend went marvelous. I didn't do a damn thing...well I did but not really... I went and brought My the skates sh'e been asking me for, for her birthday. I reserved the sopt for her birthday and her dad even gave me $ for it believe it or not...I thought the sky was about to cave in or something.

I went to dinner with Catch a case on Friday. He's so grown up now. Got a job working as a sparklettes shows...Sunday went to church and that's bout it.

Last week I was so poor. It got me to thinking...when you ain't got no money don't it seem like you pay attention to shit more? Like the gas meter and your belly rumbling, and your heart drops when you come home late and all the lights are off...well maybe not you but it sure does for me.

Today I don't feel good. I ate some red meat this weekend trying to cook a "wholesome" meal for my child Sunday and now I feel sick.


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