Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This is the worst thing ever..

I got the absoulte funniest e-mail ever and I wanted to share it with the Blog owrld but I don't know how to....

Class and I officially called it quits last night. Even though it was unofficially over since Knotts Scary Farm... Sigh... Suprisingly I have not turned into an explosive bag of emotions...yeah me. I'm a super trooper.

I took my cousin Ree to Magic Mountain Sunday. I saw the finest man ever there. HE was there with his mom at a cheerleading competition, which may be seen as a reason to leave him alone but... not for me. He and I excahnged some serious smiles and innocent waving. He even commented on how come I didn't make all the way to the top of the rock climbing wall... But I didn't get his #... So if he's out there...cute guy with the green bag.... I saw you too.

I was talking with my class (my students) about back in the days. Remember:
"Batteries not included" the movie?
The get along gang?
321 contact?
Wierd Science?
Gem and the rockers?
The chipmunks?
The Chipettes?
My Step mother is an alien?
The MC hammer cartoon?
Juice? (wasn't Rahiem every body's man?)
The Wiz?
Tiny Toons?
GI Joe (Go JOE!)
Speed racer?
the reading rainbow?
star bright?
ragedy ann?
skip it?
sit and spin?

And the clothes
Red high top reeboks?
The 80's pants fold?
orange or pink neon?

Well got to go back to class...peace out homies....

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