Friday, November 04, 2005

dollars and cents

I got a raise!!!! 0.85!!!!I'm a balla now!!! Might take my friends on a trip to the Bahamas...ohhhh wait that's cents....

That makes me at 38,000 a year....Lord knows I need to go back to school!!!

I want to teach kindergarten or first grade but I know that don'et pay shit unless you have your masters. The masters program I want to sign up for is like $28,000 which as you can see I can't afford. I'm trying to see if my moms will pay for it. but she's dealing with hurricane disaster issues.

Cal teach has this program, where if you sign a contract to teach in an inner city school for 4 years they will give you loan forgiveness. SO we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

I make 21,000. But I don't live in LA.