Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Full and Fresh and in effect.

SO I talked to Class again yesterday. Told him that I got enough drama of my own (which I was so in "love" that I hadn't been writing about the drama that Roo has been giving me) and that I didn't need anymore and that as much as it hurts me I rather let him deal with his own shit on his own. He told me that he doesn't want to stop seeing me and I told him that I ain't about to have to beat the shit out of some bitch for his ass. I told him that the only reason she keeps tripping on him is that he's giving her something to thrive on. She's feeding off of something. Whether it's him calling her back when she leaves crazy ass messages or answering her calls when she does call or just giving her the satisfaction of knowing she ruined our date I told him she's thriving off that shit. It's giving fuel to her fire and that I think in him doing that he is still exuting some feelings for her and that is what keeps her attached and I can't come between them and thier whatever it is.

Anyways in the last few months that I have been dating Class. Roo has become increasingly more aggressive in his determination that he and I are going to be together. I told him that we were never together in the first place and he got so pissed at me. He even told me that he "invested too much in this relationship" for me to tell him that I didn't want to be with him anymore. Yeah. Crazy.

I told him that I was talking to Class (pre- class and I having sex) and he damn near burst a vessel in his pretty, light skin ass forehead. He told me that I was cheating on him and that I need to "stop while I'm ahead".

For some reason this week he has been ON ME. Every day he's calling me.

Last night he called me and woke me up (mind you the man never sleeps) like 2:30am asking me what was I doing. Then he calls me agian this morning while I was talking to MOM (who by the way had both of her rooves {check the spelling on that shit] of her houses distroyed in the hurricane this weekend, I told her ass not to move to Florida) and he calls me 7:45 am . I didn't answer so that sent him into a flurry. He called and called and finally I answered and he's all "who the fuck were you on the phone with?" I said "my mom" and he's like "well how come you didnt' click over?" I told him why (hurricane and bullshit) and he says "aiight I'm call you right back" I 'm laying in my bed trippin like what the fuck is wrong with him.

About an hour later he calls me again. He tells me "open the door." He was at my fucking door. I let his crazy ass in. (yeah I'm get chopped up like the dumb ass white broads on the Lifetime network) And he went off on me for having on Pom-Pom pants (booty-cutters) then he went off on me because on my caller ID someone had called me at 11:45pm...yes that means he check the numbers on my phone. then he went off on me because My had taken her covers and was laying in the living room watching Tv and he wanted to know why "his baby" was laying on the floor...mind you My is not his daugther. Then he went off on me because I jokingly said that the sound of my neighbor leaving her apartment was my boyfriend coming home.

Finally he said he had to go, grabbed me up and kissed me and whispered "you're mine"

As you can see he is moving down hill.

I'm worried about him.

I'm actually worried about me and my interactions with him.

I've tried being on some "nigga leave me the fuck alone" type shit and that just made him more aggitated.

Then I tried "okay so you're going to me my home boy" type shit. nope.

I told him that I was going to get a restraining order and he said "I don't give a fuck about no restraining that shit and see what happens"

Should I get a home boy to rough his ass up? I think that'll add fuel to his fire.

Should I tell my uncle "the Wiz"? I don't want him to be "missing" though. I just want to be able to not feel like I have to worry about him trippin out on me.

I have been able to control him lately by just catering to him and keeping him at a distance from my life but lately he's getting worst.

I wanted to take legal action but when I checked into it the police said he really has done anything or made any threats that constitute an order... I thought just what I wrote today would make me eligible but no. He hasn't made any "formable threats" they said.

So if I gets chopped up and mailed to my moms you know what happend.

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