Monday, October 24, 2005

all shit!!! forget it!!!!

Saturday night Class came over after some party with his friends. And We did it.
I mean hot, grimmy, ass sweating type shit. Afterwards he's all looking at me covered and sweat and says "I love you." I fucking died twice laying there with one leg in my pink pokadot panties. I turn to him and say "I love you" He says "don't say it because I did". I say I said "I love you not I love you too." He smiles and we laid there joking about the people on the news (something we've done quite often)
Finally he gets dresses and leaves gives me a hot ass kiss and says I'll see you in eight hours.

Sunday night I drive to Class's house so that we could go to Knott's scary Farm and there was a girl there that answered his door.

So He says "Jenny this is Erica my ex-girlfriend, Erica this is Jenny". Then he askes me to wait out side so that he can come talk to me.

When I get out there HE comes out and he's like well you know she's crazy and she just showed up at my house and she won't leave and I am going to prolly have to call the police and I can''t go.

He didn't even walk me all the way to my car!!!!

Then he calls me this morning and just starts telling me about what happened and neve ONCE did he apologize. Never ONCE. He's all talking to me like the world is fucking butterflies and shit.

I fucken give up on all this bull shit.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for you. That's some shit.