Monday, September 19, 2005


Guess where I went this weekend?
Vegas!!! city of sin and sinners.
Too much fun for funning sake (no "funning" is not a word but it should be...) I went with Kos, Cat and Pam. No not my first choice of vegasettes (another word that should be a word) but so does it. Cat and I ended up spending all our time together while kos and pam did thier thing...old and or green pill....clubs and tequila shots or dinner and a movie...sigh

Friday consisted of tequila shots, Club Tangerine at the Treasure Island, a strip club,some guy I named LaTigre charging breakfast #1(nachos) to his room, Cat losing 1/2 a toe nail...I don't know how?..., and ended up in a penthouse suite at Ceasar's Palace ($3500 a night 4 rooms, 5 baths, upstairs downstairs...) with some guy named anthony (that teaches theology at this college in Chicago)me eating cheese eggs, bacon, potatos, and orange juice for breakfast #2 and Cat has a bottle of Patron for breakfast. We caught a limo (Thanx Anthony...aka white boy) from Cesaer's back to our Riveria one-room paradise...Psych (Yeah member Psych...I loved the 80's)around 11 am Saturday morning.

Saturday consisted of tequila shots,Club Pure (white folks gallore) at Ceasar's, Club OPM in the forum shops, Cat got twistedand kissed some dude and I had to drag her ass back to the room. Short night only 3am.

Sunday... flew home and got my hairs did. Then went to with Sony studios and Martinez to Martinez's mother in laws and ate some cracking ass dinner.... I needs me a mother in law...psych... We spent the night reminiscing and talking that serious shit...about how Sonystudios is finsta be Baptized. Scarey subject.

I am so sleepy... did I mention that Class and I are talking again!!! Yes the love of my life and I are ...sigh...forget.

Thursday, We the usu suspects...Sony Studios, Asha, Martinez and I went to DRagonfly...Class came too...Yeah!!! He went ot the studio first so his ass got there extraed ass late (yes another word that should be a word "extraed").

I'm liquored and vegas out. in the last four days I've had 21 shots of tequila...yea... vegas....sigh.

Still no sex....keke...maybe next weekend...

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