Friday, August 05, 2005


SO here’s the thing. Rick roc pissed me off again.

In short, he came over at 12am with drink and sexy ass kissing, stripped down to his beater and boxers and then said ‘I’m tired I’m going home.’ There I am drunk and turned on and left alone.

I’m through with it.

So I haven’t talked to Roo in some weeks. I got kind of cool on him after he came over my house and acted all scared of the damn cat that chills at our building. And when I say scared I mean flinching and whining.

I can’t deal with bitch shit.

Last month I met this guy name Class. Nice guy it seemed. But I was really trying to chill on the meeting new people tip. he kind of grew on me. It’s kind of different to me because I wasn’t on some I’m-tryna-be-yo-chic-shit with him. It was just let’s be friends. The other day he and I were talking and I mentioned that I like butter pecan ice cream and what do you know but two days later he delivered it to me. attention to details. I’m adding that to my list.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you're back.

Jenny said...

thanks nice to be back