Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the curse wins again.

Last night I'm talking to this guy named Pinky (don't ask...)on the phone tellin him that I'm just not interested in him the way that he is intrested in me. Telling him that I feel he's moving entirely too fast and that He and I need to slow it down. The truth is he's just to bossy and is trying to force himself on me.

Then this morning I call Classic and I'm asking him how has he been and he's telling about his last few days and saying things to me like "for the next month it's going to be crazy I'll prolly won't have any free time" and just making an extra big deal about not having anytime for anything except work and the studio and blah blah balh... so doesnt' that sound to you like someone saying "I don't have time for you".? or I"'m telling you this so that you'll stop calling me" ? I felt like he was saying the same shit to me that I was saying to old Pinky pink. Even though I have not been pressing him for a relationship. Everytime I have seen him (Exce[t for last Friday) has been at his suggestion. I don't hound him with phone calls cus that just ain't me.

SO I sent him a text that said :

"I get the picture, You just don't have time for me. I wish you the best. I wouldn't want to be just another reason you can't get any rest."
And he didn't write back....

SO now I' m feeling extra depressed on the verge of massive emotional outburst (I cussed my neighbor out already for turning on the hot water while I was in the shower) I feel like I'm about to cry at any second and I haven't felt like this since I was freaking 19, I'm high off coffee, no my period isn't about to come but I feel extra emotional like around the time when it does and now I have to go teach a fucking class.

I need happy thoughts from my friends.

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