Monday, June 06, 2005

Shit don't change.

Seems like every time I write it's to tell about my weekend. this post won't be any different.

Friday night I came home cleaned my house and went to sleep.

Saturday I woke up and took my shower. Shay shay called me and asked if Mya and I would come out to see her and her husband.. why is it that all my friends have husbands? So I got dressed and drove out to Pasadena. We decided to hit up the mall even though I ddin't have a damn dime to my name. I figured I could just window shop. It is so difficult to enjoy shopping with absolutely no money in your pockets. All I purchased was a 3.97 pair of chunklas (spanish for "flip-flops") from old navy ans some damn dip n dots. Couldn't even buy trinkets if I wanted too. Shame shame shame.

Saturday night Catch a case came by...i guess I should come up with another name since the boy is at least 21 now. We hung out and watched a bootleg. And he left. Same ole Same.

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