Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm back...

Vacation with the family was great... pictures are pending...

We drove to Las Vegas and to Hoover Dam and to the Grand Canyon.... I can't tell what happened because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...but I can say... I had a great time.

10 item Life update:
1. I'm still talking to Roo. Lately he's been having a little liteskinboi attitude...I'm thinking about ditching him for real this time.

2. I went on a date with Catch a case on Saturday..who is legal now so I should change his reference name... but I had forgotten how handsome he is...damn.

3. RicRock and I have not spoken since the 11th of June I think he thinks I'm mad at him.

4. Crazycris has been calling me lately and trying to take a sista out... but who wants to be involved with his craziness.

5. My is talkin up a storm now. its like she just woke up one day and said damn this being a baby shit.

6. It was hard to see bigsis cry because mom went home on sunday. imagine three grown ass women standing in bigsis's teenytiny dinning room shedding serious tears. It was a lifetime movie channel momment.

7. I got all the color cut out of my hair so now it only comes to my shoulders. Then for the vacation I got some human hair braids and I think it's kinda cute.

8. Baby daddy called me last night and admitted that he has been an awful father... I have to be weary of this phone call...he might be bargaining for a place to stay...you know home boy don't lay his hat down very long.

9. I need two front tires, some beat, tinted windows, some rims and a tune up.

10. Why hasn't the damn phone company turned back on my voice mail?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Jenny said...

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