Friday, June 03, 2005

"I never dreamed you'd leave in summer...."

This week has been a sleepless one.

Friday Night Kos and I watched “Crash” on DVD…yea, yea I know. It was a bootleg…you know how I do.

Then we (Kos, myself and her husband) went to this diner by their house that’s all set up to look like the 1950’s with booths and old school Rice Krispy’s Posters.

It got me to thinking…Black people didn’t have anything to be excessively happy about in the 1950’s . Maybe for the birth of certain music genres. Maybe for the courage of certain beliefs and ideologies but really…in 1950’s what was good for us? We were barely human. Still considered property? Still less than worthless….And here I am sitting in a 50’s dinner. Celebrating the shit! Like the 50’s was a good all around happy smiley time for us as a people. A bit of this bitterness may have come from the article I read about the unearthing of Emit Till’s body on Wednesday June 1st; But I was seriously contemplating the topic in my head. Almost getting upset by it. But I figured that in 1950’s a Black woman (I guess I would’ve been a Negro Heffa back then) have never been allowed to eat buffalo wings at a dinner. Let alone at the same table as a Cambodian woman and a Japanese man while a Mexican man served us… We must admit Shit’s changed.

Anyways, I left the diner. Kos and her husband headed for midnight bowling. Which sounded fun but I didn’t want to be the only black girl, in the pictures with out a date again so instead, Sony Studios and I went to Monte Cristo.

Monte Cristo was cracking, because a) we got in free, b) DJ Lightfoot brought us drinks, c) DJ Finesse didn’t know that Lightfoot brought us drinks so he brought us drinks as well and , d) I was out of the house. The night got a little depressing when I saw this guy I met at the twins house that I danced with all night, we exchanged numbers but he never called me all huddled up with this fat light skin chic in the corner on our way out…sons-a-bitches.

We left Monte Cristo and went to Little Belize. A restaurant by day, converted into a club at night by just moving the tables to the side. It was whack because there was only about 20 people and I was drunk and tired and I still had to pick up MY. The Po-lice shut it down and I went home.

Saturday was a bust. I did laundry, even though I had a hangover and was severely dehydrated. The rest of the day was spent cleaning house.

Saturday night JM stopped by to show me his new Lexus, like a bitch really needed someone flossin they financial advancements in her face. His ass gon go from a 1992 Saturn to a Brand new Lexus. Bout a bitch. But he’s my best friend and I love him, so I guess I gots to support his punk ass.

I haven’t really ever wrote much about JM but he’s been my friend since I was sporting a Rainbow Brite t-shirt, jean shorts rolled up at the bottom, a basket weave with beads on the ends and jellies. I mean he and I had sleepovers and shared juice boxes. The first time I ever got drunk was with him, he threw me in his bed while he slept on the floor and in the morning his mom made breakfast.

Sunday, I didn’t do a damn thing. Didn’t even go to church.

Monday, I met up with Bigsis, who I got beef with, but that’s a whole other blog so just know she and I ain’t officially speaking, at the park . All of her friends were there so I really didn’t talk much. I know my sister is really one of those talk-a-whole-lot-of-shit-about-someone-if-yall-aint-talking types so I didn’t stay long. Just long enough for MY to get tired enough to passout and then I bounced.

Sony studios and I met up and I left MY with Ambo. What type of twins don’t hang out? Anyway, Sony Studios and I went to the Reggae Fest and it was cracking. Fellas, Fellas, everywhere!!!

Lord! It was beautiful!! It literally rained men. It was a sea of exquisite silkened African American men. To the left and the right as far as the eye could see.
Chocolate ones,
Caramel ones,
Short ones,
Tall ones,
Thin ones,
Muscular ones,
Curly haired ones,
Corn rolled ones,
Bald ones,
Shirtless ones,
G’d up ones,
Baller ones,
Hustla ones,
Talking quick ones,
Got a job and just making it ones,
No job having but will break your back ones,
Virgin ones,
Looking for a good woman ones,
Just trying to fuck ones…
AAAAHHHH ain’t God good.

Memorial Day weekend is the hottest in LA just because of Reggae Fest. I don’t even know who performed but I know it was some sex ass men at UCLA on Monday.

Monday night, Sony Studios and I went to Pearl… and that was whack. We got in free. But I ordered an Incredible Hulk and that shit was fifteen dollars. With the cost of gas these days; I can’t afford to be splurging on liquor. But some guy fell in Love with Sony studios and her older sister The Bee, who met us there, so he brought us a bottle of Champagne.

Later he told Sony studios that she was “missing her blessing” by not giving him her number. Niggas and flies.

Tuesday, MY came home talking about “Boobies” I have no idea where she’s even heard that word before. I’ve already been anxious about continuing to take her to that place so I decided to change her.

So Wednesday, I had to take her to get an update of her shots. She goes to a clinic and in LA Clinic equals a gang of Brown and Black folks standing in line like it’s free food or rims or something shiny. So I got there at 7 am and didn’t leave until 10:30am… But my baby’s a better spot and I feel ten times more comfortable.

Tommorrow, I’m hanging out with my homegirl Shay Shay and Tims is taking me to dinner for my Birthday one month late… so should have a nice weekend

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