Monday, May 16, 2005

I reverted the christian boy...make that MAN.

Talk about a weekend!

My friend Asha, was pregnant and due in June, her babyshower was this Saturday 5/14. Friday nite while driving home her sister Ambo called me and said they were at the hospital and that they were preping Asha for a C-section. I dropped everything and drove down there. When I got there there was the most beautiful little boy looking up at us... just darling.

I, of course, asked 'where's Asha?' they told me she was in recovery and that we wouldn't be able to see her until tomorrow because it was nearing the time when visting hours would be over.

So, the whole gang us left and went to Roscoe's cause you know a sista was starving. While there Asha's boyfriend called and said that we needed to come back to the hospital. He told us that Asha had started bleeding and that they couldn't stop it.

We all rushed back to the hospital, and when we returned the nurse told us that they were going to try to stop the bleeding vaginal and if not they'd go in through her C-section scar and if they still couldn't they'd remove her uterus. After hours, the doctor came out and told us they'd removed her uterus.

Absolutely, exasperating moment. Around me everyone was sobbing and their were looks of absoulte disbelief. No one could believe that our poor 27 year "sister" was now barren.

After hugs and reassuring comments like "at least she got to have one", we all went home. I was in shock.

I called Rickroc when I got home to apologize for not coming to his party and to explain what had happened to my friend. He asked to come over. I questioned his motives because you know homeboy suposed to be celibate. And ain't nothing open after 12am except the emergency room and legs. But knowing what I know bout what I know I let him come by anyway.

We sat down and watched a little BET Uncut. By the way, What the fuck is that shit about? I never knew Ludacris was so crude.... Any ways, we watched the ass shacking and booty smashing crotch grabbing mess grinding against the TV.

I ask him about his party and he says that it was cool but he wishes that I would have come. Such a sweetie.

Suddenly the phone rings and I'm hesitant to answer because it's almost 3:00 am, thinking it might be some booty call, but I do and it's Sony studios telling me that Ashas lungs had filled with liquid and that they has to put her on a ventilator. I hang up and start crying. Crying for my friend. Crying for her baby. Crying for her family..In fact, I'm crying now.

Rickroc comes over to me with his bigole lushous ass arms and hugs me and says one of the most assuring statments that anyone has ever said to me "you know, God is going to do to you whatever he has to do, to get you to where he needs you to be" Sigh. Isn't he dreamy?

He went on to talk about being there for her and her rubbed my face and told me everything was going to be all right. And I believed him. I felt so damn comfortable, it was frightening to feel that comfortable. Almost as if I could let go.

Then he kissed me, with some of the softest lips I've ever felt. I melted. It was over. I forgot about his celibacy (apparently so did he), forgot about who else I've been talking to, forgot about picking my daughter up at 6 the next morning, Forgot about everything.I was entranced. I had Lauryn Hills "The Sweetest Thing" and her "Nothing Even Matters" playing in my head simutaneously. Didn' matter what he wanted after that, I was with it.

Yeah, so I reverted the Christian Boy!

Hell in a handbasket.

I woke up smiling and refreshed. Bowlegged, but refreshed. I got up and stood at the foot of my bed holding on to the tall post lookin down at his partially cover body wrapped in my linen sheets and I just couldn't stop smiling. I grinned all day long...Shit I'm grinning now (this posts has me going through mirad of emotions).

I picked up my girl and went to CPR. still grining.

Asha's babyshower still went on, even though she wasn't there. Her boyfriend had a picture of her blown up to life size. and I stayed grinng through that sad ass affair. Her boyfriend told me they prolly be taking her off the ventilator the next which was Sunday and they did so she's getting better.

Saturday nite, MC called me. Sigh. I already gave the background on that. And tryed to stay on neutral ground but you know I'm so easily swept off. At leat I admit to it. But I kept it distant cause I was still hypnotized by Rickroc.

Suday Was Bigsis's friends Baptismal and I grinned all through that. I told Bigsis and you know she called me the "Devil" she says "See, that's what the devil do, you want to change your life and get on the right track and look here comes the devil in some booty shorts and a tank top." I told her it was sweats and a tanktop but she doesn't believe me.

any hoo.
My friend's son comes home prolly on Tuesday.

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