Wednesday, April 20, 2005


There's some person who keeps leaving comments on my page about how stupid he thinks I am... There you have've got your ten seconds of fame. Leave me alone.

Any hoo. Still holdin strong. All the students that were causing me problems graduated and now I have two perfectly behaved classes. It makes me value my job much more.

I'm going an amusement park with the co-workers this weekend. Should be fun... I invited rickroc to go with me... Yep..HE'S BACK!!! But he may not be able to go. So I invited crazycris. we'll see.

My, who now calls her self Moo, Is causing me to loose my mind. This potty training shit is ridiculous... and this "attitude" crap has got me putting her on punnishment and taping ass almost everyday... Don't think I can deal... I needs a vacation...

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