Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm a sinner.

When I got home on Friday, from taking My to her godmothers, there was a call from Ricroc on my phone so I texted him and asked if he wanted to go to Magic mountain. He didn’t call back until that morning around 6 and said he couldn’t go. That meant I had to ride with the office goober. He is such a damn…I don’t know made I shouldn’t speak ill of the handicap. I think he’s just a highly functional autistic person that had gone undiagnosed for 34 years.

Saturday was fun we all had a good ole time riding the rides. Jenny’s a scaredy cat so I chickened out on a couple of rides. Bu all in all I had a good time. I brought a season pass so I plan on going back a couple times this summer…should be fun.

After the roller coasters we went to eat at Red Lobster’s. It was coolieo.

When I got home Saturday evening My didn’t want to come home so I told her she could stay another night.

Ricroc had called before I got home so I called him. We decided to hang out and watch some television. He came over and my god I have forgotten how handsome he is. I mean everything you’ve ever wanted dipped hot dark chocolate. Ummmmmm….

We talked and it reminded me that what is even sexier than he’s skin is his conversation. Hours we laughed and joked about how I have 999 channels and nothings on TV. He showed me his new tattoo… it says “Live for Eternal Life”. That brought on a conversation about life and god and religion and it just reminded me how smart he is. That just made him even sexier.

We started to fall asleep on the couch and I invited him sleep in my bed. We got in the bed and we’re continuing to converse. He starts to kiss me and it was…there are no words. Honestly. I’m sitting here getting teary eyed. We’ll the kissing leads to finger scratches and shirt pulling and those…well you know when someone squeezes you in the perfect place like just above you hip…. Ahhhhh. Well, that lead to more. But eventually we had to stop.

The next morning. He woke up early and we laid in bed a talked. He got up and said he had to get to church. I got up got dressed and went as well.

Church was good. The Beverly Hills Presbertaryian church visited us. It was different and nice.

So Sunday evening Ricroc calls me and we had this long as conversation about him living his life differently. He says he no longer drinks, smokes and … dun dun dun, wants to wait to have sex when he’s married.

Me, being the bonafied sinner that I am, I’m disappointed. Yes I know. I should be happy that he’s a Christian man who is setting his life straight; but instead, I’m frustrated and feel like it’s a waste. Yes I’ve already said I’m going to hell so I might as well get a one ticket. My pastor spoke on this topic before, the gifts that are reward because of your own personal sacrifice; and I thought of being celibate until I’m married. But think about it, what if I never get married? That means I’ll never have sex…again! But Lord knows I’ve had enough… what to do. What to do…

My came home Sunday night all pumped showing me that she learned how to cheer, ride a scooter, and had her toe and finger nails polished hot pink. Sigh.

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Lisa said...

As heathenish as this sounds...I cannot tolerate the dudes that have suddenly found religion and don't want to bump uglies outside of marriage anymore. A) Because they're usually backsliders and will push up anyway; and B) Because that piousness ends up directed towards me. I don't want to have to defend my choices to some newfound church hag, you know?

Plus it's a waste if you start digging on em in a big way and they ain't giving it up. Pfftt...what else are they good for?