Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This is the corner where I peed on myself.

I went to pay my telephone bill today and I saw this guy I went to 3rd grade with. Yes, I said 3rd grade. His name was Carlos. A black ass dude named Carlos. He was in the 5th grade and he would walk me and my home girl Lisa home every damn day. Well We standing in the middle of Comcast catching up on old days (how this nigga remembered my face is fucking amazing) and this bastard has the got damn nerve to say to me, loudly where everyone in the god damn place could hear "Remember when you peed on your self on the corner?" I fucking wanted to peel his skin off. that ain't the type of shit you supposed to bring up after not seeing someone for 16 years. I just stood there like a deer in head lights I started to pretend that I didn't know what he was talking about, I thought about just walking away from him.

I stood there what had to be a fabillion seconds, mouth opened, feeling like I needed to pee on myself again. He just started laughing and continues on bringing up shit we did breaking my grandmas porch swing, and come up with dance steps to Heavy D's "Is it good to you?" and sneaking to get fries from Okie Dog's when we supposed to come straight home. But I was still trippin that this nigga remembered me pissin on myself....

Hell of a day.


ryan said...

you are dumb, guys guys guys oh he loves me oh he hates me oh my god shut up already, what the hell are thinking??? you arent some desperate ass loser that needs to feel important by a guys approval? wait no dont answer that, coz u are

Jenny said...

I'm dumb? you're the stupid ass how sat down and read it and had the nerver to comment on it... if you didn't have anything positive to say you shouldv'e just kept your fucking opinion to yourself.. stupid ass.