Monday, March 07, 2005


so I feel 9,000 times better than the last itme I typed. I have so got to get back on birthcontrol. The hormones really help with the emotional crisis that I go through just before my period.

Friday I took My to her god mother's house to stay for the weekend. she didn't even beef off of me leaving her...she was like...whatever. I went home and had a glass of Sangria.... and feel alseep...I am gettting so old.

Saturday, I went to Disneyland with my co-workers and thier spouses. J couldn't go because he had to "work" and three of my friends are pregnant so they couldn't go. Sony studios had to work, Ambo and I don't talk too much anymore, Les had to go to San Diego, Bigsis had to watch our dad for our step mom, and everyone was frontin on a free fuckin ticket to disenyland. So I took this big ass goober from my job. reluctantly. sigh.

We had such a nice time. My boss is so cool. It is so much better at my new job then my old.
Can you believe that my boss paid 50 a ticket for ten people to go. And I'm trying ot figure out how to pay this damn 54.00 eletric bill.

saturday night... The Bee, the twins sister, can out here from Jersey on Friday so they had a party for her. I left disney went home and took a shower and headed to thier house. I've been working on my new stomach so you know a sista had to show it off. I wore one of those half top sweater type dealies and so low cut jeans.
Everybody I ever knew was there. Folks from Junior highschool, Folks from diapers. It was bananas. Muq was there she and I didn't not talk though.

I ended up having a cherri-o time.

Sunday I had a mad ass hangover. I got up and walked to Savons and got a big ass tub of water and commensed to drinking it. When I got home I took a shower and went to go pay my rent then went to the Swapmeet Came home and cleaned up finally, I picked up My. and she an I kicked it as we watched "thier eyes were watching god" ....

Same ole same ole life

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