Thursday, January 27, 2005

the cycle continues.

so crazychris and I are having another arguement. I told him that I wanted to be in a real relationship and that I wasn't sure if that's what he really wanted and he hung up on me. Whether it was on purpose or a cellphone incident is not clear; but since I haven't heard from him I guess I know where I stand...

this weekend was coo. me and sonystudios and abmbo went to Fridays' on Saturday for drinks and The Game was there. He got Sony studio's number and invited us to his album release party on Monday night. (yea, his album did come out on the 18th but whatever) it was cool. some chic came and picked us out of the line to go ahead of like a hundred people. I felt some kinda hot.

It was okay just they main;y played his album and his counterparts songs. Afterwards he called Sonystudios and told her to meet him in Van Nuys. We went out there but it was not cracking. It was just somebody's house. So we took it to the house. I am still tired from that shit.

Well I met this guy named J last weekend and I am feelin him.....

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