Monday, December 06, 2004

yadda yadda yadda

This weekend, as usual was boring.

Friday, I did nothing just went home and hung with my daughter and watched TV.

Saturday, I stayed in the house and was planning on not leaving until I realized it was my sorority christmas party. So i got up and brought a gift for my Secret Santa then I went to the 99 and up store and brought these cute little gifts for my sorors, then I went home and wrapped them all! I didn't feel like going so I didn't feel like getting dressed so I didn't. I took My to my sister's and went to the party feeling all "Bah humbug". We exchanged gifts and had a so so time.

Why is it that I can never be having a bad day? Everyone should be allowed to have a bad day. Why can't I? I keep being pestered with questions of: "what's the matter with you Jen?" and "Why aren't you talking today?" and those stupid ass questions that people ask to get on your damn nerves.

My damn secret santa, at the risk of sounding picky, brought me a damn alarm clock (talking about, it's something you know you need, I am always on time and I wanted to haul that shit at her ass) and a chocolate brown fur vest (is this in style? if so let me know? and why would she buy that for me? does it look like something I'd want?). I really don't like the woman who brought my gift so maybe that's it.

The person I brought a gift for wasn't there. She had to go out of towm that morning. I had brought her a set of coffee mugs with hot chocolate and marshmellows and hersheys chocolate bars and a (family-type)DVD and cozy blanket. She and her husband like cuddling and sitting on the couch and loving up each other so I figured this would be nice. And her heffa ass wasn't even there.

Sunday I had breakfast with my sister and It was raining cats and dogs. I went home and did nothing.

I think I have turned into an old distitude woman.

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