Tuesday, November 30, 2004

yep that's me.

My life has become so boring.

I work and go home. Barely eat. Barely have time to socialize.

I am currently not dating anyone. I'm lightweight talking to this guy who coaches girls basketball team and lives in SanDiego. I met him at ReeRee's basketball tornement. But I'm starting to get bored of him.

He is so Freaking a lacker. Why!!! do I keep them around when I know they ain't shit.

It's been two months and We ain't kissed or nothing so that's sweet but whatever.

i don't really consider us together since we live three hours away and really keep in touch mostly through the phone lines.

I keep telling myself that I am "reclaiming my self" Really I'm just TYRED and alone. Sad and alone. lonely and alone.

Self pity is a son of a Bitch.

I gave My her party this Sunday. It was a McDonald's. She had a ball. I love to see my baby smile that way. It makes me feel so good. Tommorrow is her really b-day, I'm going to take cupcakes to her day care. Yes, I am a real Mommy.

My homegirl Martinez is straight up prego's again!! She will have three chilren under 5!!! Lord help her.

My other homegirl Tasha is pregos too. Her ass is going to be the worst prego person I know. She is so concieted. The world is already about her when she's not pregnant...just imagine when her hormones start kicking in.

I miss all my online friends, from when I used to just goof off at work.

i guess this new Straight and narrow life is for me. I have no DRAMA to report. Nothing at all to report. My life went from WILD and CRAZY to fizz and bubbles.

I did not eat ANYTHING today and I can feel my stomach starting to eat itself. I'm starving!!!!! I'm not going to get to eat until 8 and it's 6. LORD LORD LORD!!! I'm dying.

Well enough of my babbling. I gots to be getting on.

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Dayrell said...

LOL...I think it's pregnant season or something. I have a couple of friends with buns in the oven to.


PS: I like your blog girl.